Black Friday Sale: Save up to 97% Off Select Titles!

November 23, 2022

Growvember is going strong, and we salute the Salad Chefs who’ve donated generous sums of Salad Balance to worthy causes this past week. If you’re wondering what to do with your remaining Balance, well look no further. We’ve got a healthy helping of fresh games and hearty discounts just in time for Black Friday.

Genesis Noir: $0.40 SB (97% off)

Winner in the “Visual Art” category at the Independent Games Festival, Genesis Noir is a neo-retro point and click adventure game with a universe-spanning narrative. You play as No Man, “a watch peddler caught in a love triangle with other cosmic beings.” Will you destroy all of creation in order to save your love, Miss Mass? For less than a couple quarters you can find out.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood: $1.50 SB (85% off)

Bound in Blood has aged like a fine wine, boasting thousands of positive reviews on Steam since its release in 2009. If you’re in need of an Old-West fix, coupled with immersive environments and engaging gunplay, Juarez calls for you. Play as either of the McCall brothers, on a quest to save their family and capture the legendary gold of Juarez. Will you fight aside your brethren, or will the ecstasy of gold tear you apart?

Farmer’s Dynasty: $1.00 SB (97% off)

Back off Farming Simulator, a new dynasty has arisen. Farmer’s Dynasty combines traditional simulation gameplay with RPG progression mechanics. Aside from the daily grind, you’ll tackle quests, renovate your farm, and build an empire. How far will you climb from the humble beginnings of your grandfather’s farm?

Chicken Police: Paint it Red! $1.00 SB (97% off)

You know what neo-noir adventure games were missing? Chickens. A buddy-cop adventure game with deep interrogation mechanics, Chicken Police takes you on a wild ride of love, death, redemption, and chickens. Don’t let the poultry foul you on the game, Chicken Police will keep you on the edge of your talons. Personal Plan: 1 Year: $1.99 SB(85% off)

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For your viewing convenience, you can check out all of our Black Friday loot right here. Enjoy the games, savings, and holidays Chefs!