Community Beta

To ensure that Salad 1.0 delivers improved earnings for everyone, we'll need help from the Salad Chefs!


64-bit Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

Known Issues

Since this is an unfinished product, there will  be a few quirks! If you find any issues or have feedback for us, please add it to this Reddit thread. Meanwhile, here's a short list of a few issues we've already diagnosed:

  1. When logging in to the Salad 1.0 beta, the Brave browser is not currently supported. Chrome and Firefox are confirmed working.
  2. Some existing features like Auto Start, launch at startup, and the ability to disable your PC's sleep mode have been turned off pending further testing. These settings will be available in the full release.
  3. In order to log out from the beta desktop app, you'll need to first log out from the browser-based Salad experience (at and then reinstall the desktop app using the installer file linked above. We're already fixing this!

About the Beta

By downloading and using the community pre-release beta, you can help us document our new engine's performance on a wide selection of what wiz-kids call "heterogeneous hardware"—the collective salad of unique specs and capabilities you and your fellow Salad Chefs bring to the Kitchen.

As always, this information is anonymized. We'll only use these insights to learn how specific workloads performed, at different times, on computers with specs similar to yours. The results of this community beta will allow us to adjust our job selection parameters to optimize the profitability of all our cryptocurrency workloads.

It will take us a few weeks to analyze these data and test new workflows before we can release the official Salad 1.0 build. The more insights we can get from our intrepid beta testers, the faster we can serve up a whole new Salad experience!