Salad Affiliate Program

The Salad Affiliate program allows users to level-up their referral game, and reap rewards for their promotional skills. Are you the local hype man? Are you passionate about the Salad App? Do you simply want to farm for extra bonuses? Well, you might be cut out for the program. Here's what becoming an affiliate will grant:

  • Access to our brand kit materials for use in your content

  • Custom promo codes, download links, and branded landing pages

  • Insight into our feature and campaign roadmaps (spoilers)

  • Tiered rewards through our Affiliate incentive model

  • A chance to become an official Salad-sponsored creator

How Does It Work?

Simply fill out this application and we'll contact you about acceptance into the program. Once accepted, we'll send you instructions, promotional materials, and other guidance over email.

Why Should I Be An Affiliate?

Aside from all the cool extras and the clout you'd wield on our Discord server, it's simple - becoming an affiliate will unlock the door towards bonuses, earnings, and a more involved partnership. Several of our longtime partners started out as ordinary users who just made a couple videos or shared some posts about Salad. Now they've referred thousands of people and maintain active sponsorships with us.